"I have worked with Dumbarton Tool for the last 10 years on my specialty cutting tools. In working with Dumbarton they have provided me with quality and service for my customers Briggs & Stratton and Chrysler Corporation. 

Dumbarton Tool has allowed me to provide many cost savings to these customers by reducing their production cost and making higher quality products.

They have lead the way in performance, technology and deliveries giving me a higher rate of success at these manufactures.

My motto is: There are many people that can save you a dollar, use the people that don't cost you a dollar!"

~ D. Davis - Toolander

"I want to share with you recent experiences GMPT Toledo has had with Dumbarton Tool. We were in a serious situation with a production supplier outside of General Motors where GMPT Toledo was in danger of shutting down for lack of manufacturing parts. One of the issues the outside supplier was having involved tooling. I was pulled in to give advice and assistance regarding tooling changes.
I used Dumbarton Tool to provide tooling on a very short notice and was pleased with the response time given to GMPT Toledo from Dumbarton Tool. They made new carbide tooling from raw stock in three hours time to keep the outside supplier running. To date, the outside supplier is still creating issues for GMPT but the tooling issues have not been the barrier to getting manufacturing parts made. Dumbarton has worked with us day by day expediting tools to the supplier. The quality of the tooling as well as the pricing exceeded the prior company that the outside supplier was using when they were in trouble.

Since the initial experience, I have also used Dumbarton to handle a couple of issues that have occurred on the floor here at GMPT Toledo with good success.
It has been these good experiences that lead me to recommend that other GM facilities consider Dumbarton for future work. My contact has been Tony Desmond at 231-775-4342."

~ David Wailing - Toledo GMPT
"Please pass this along to your guys. THANK YOU! The 3 tools that you were able to turn around was an IMMENSE help! The turn around on those drills produced many an amazed face.
Moving forward I hope to decrease these emergency calls and push toward blanket/multiple release. Having said that the customer service and responsiveness of your Company does not go unnoticed, as we all know its if, but when it will be called on, and yours is second to none. "

~ Kevin Bell - Premier Machining

  Our Mission  

We will create a long term relationship with our Customers in order to become a first choice supplier

as well as giving service and technical support second to none. We will strive to give our customers tooling

at the best possible price in order to achieve their goal to be a first choice parts manufacturer / supplier.

Lower cost per piece / part without sacrificing quality is our first priority.

We will do whatever it takes to earn your business.


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